The Piwnica Club


The Piwnica Club is located in the cellars of the Student Residence Hall No. 3 and it is to serve all residents of the Student Housing Complex as a venue of organised social events.

In the Piwnica Club there is a dance room with a sound system and DJ equipment, dining room with chairs and tables, equipped kitchen, toilet and hall with clothes hangers.

The Club can be rented out for a fee of 50.00 PLN to organise an all-night party. You do not need to worry about extending your reservation, because we enter the Club from the outside of the Residence Hall. We invite all who may be interested to make a reservation!


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pdf_ico Regulamin Klubu Piwnica

Coordinators of the PIWNICA Club 2017/2018

The Main Coordinator

Krzysztof Partyka
DS.3, p.1010A

Coordinators from individual Residence Halls

Dominik Świąder 

Paweł Słaby

Karolina Kur





Katarzyna Menio

Łukasz Krzowski

Tomasz Ślusarczyk





Szymon Gałuszka 

Arkadiusz Homa 

Paweł Sobczak 





Konrad Zimny

Anna Gaczorek

Maciej Węglarz





Reservation of the PIWNICA Club

  1. The reservation of the Club begins on the first day of each month from 10:00 am and is valid for the current month and the following month (for example, on 1st March, the reservations for April are made, and if there are free dates in March, they can still be reserved; on 1st April the same holds for May, etc.).
  2. The reservation is made by sending an email to the Club's Coordinator at, which will include the following information:
    • Name and Surname of the event Organiser,
    • date of the social event,
    • phone number,
    • number of the Student Residence Hall,
    • room number,
    • number of the Identity Card.
  3. The reservation schedule for the PIWNICA Club will be available on the website in the tab PIWNICA Club.
  4. The reservation of the PIWNICA Club on a given date depends on the order of the reservations made.
  5. The persons who made a reservation for a given date will be informed by e-mail to make a payment for the Club rental in the amount of 50.00 PLN. Please contact the Main Coordinator (contact by email or telephone). The fee must be paid within 7 days after making the reservation and no later than 2 days before the planned event. Failure to meet the payment deadlines will result in the reservation being cancelled.
  6. All applications sent too early will be automatically deleted.